YeneHealth (YH) is an early stage, fem-tech startup that is focused on adolescent girls and women’s sexual & reproductive health (SRH).

As the first of its kind in Ethiopia, our goal is to make SRH and Family Planning (FP) information and products accessible and available for our users. Through our digital platform, we strive to address the unmet need for family planning and maternal health while supporting adolescent girls and women gain self-agency over their bodies. We are excited to bring compassionate, stigma-free, confidential, and convenient self-manageable tools and resources for women in our community.

Our educational platform, community advocacy networks, and our innovative e-pharmacy allows our users a personalized experience & control. We are a mission driven women’s brand that any women can rely on at any phase of her reproductive years.

We are proudly, a women-founded and women-led organization with a vision of building for millions of African women. We would love for you to join our community!

Our mission is to enhance every woman’s confidence and health through Education, Access and Informed-Decision Making so that her health is her choice.

A world where women get the care that they deserve.