Family planning refers to the use of various methods of fertility control that will help individuals or couples to have the number of children they want when they want them in order to assure the wellbeing of children and the parents. Therefore family planning is a method used to prevent unwanted pregnancy & have children when needed Family planning is a recognized basic human right.

Using a contraceptive has many benefits:

  1. To be able to have
  2. To prevent unwanted pregnancy
  3. To consider the number of children we want to have to the family’s economic capabilities.

Using contraception has many personal and societal benefits. When pregnancy is wanted, planned and supported then it can benefit our family and our community. However, when there are a larger number of unwanted pregnancies it increases the risk of maternal and child morbidity and mortality.

We can briefly summarize family planning methods into two

  1. Natural methods
  2. Modern methods

Natural forms of birth control are commonly done by using the calendar method for keeping track of your periods.

Artificial Methods of contraception are by using devices that have different hormones like pills, implants, injections, IUDs and other devices.

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