Vitamin D is produced by the body and is a fat-soluble vitamin.

Studies show that in Ethiopia, 2 out of 4 women have Vitamin D deficiency. This deficiency is more prominent in pregnant women.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that is produced in our body after sunlight exposure, and can be absorbed from different diets.

What are its benefits?

1 Its main job is to strengthen the bone integrity and transport different nutrients like calcium and phosphorus to reach the body. If this doesn’t happen properly then it could lead to a disease known as rickets. In children, this is the time when there is a high rate of bone growth occurs which is why it is necessary at this age.

In adults, it can bring osteomalacia and lead to serious complications.

  1. It is useful for fighting off disease by helping the body produce different hormones and compounds that serve this purpose.
  2. It is important for the stability of joints and tendons by helping to strengthen them. During times of exercise, it helps for the strength of bones.
  3. It helps decrease inflammation in the brain and helps prevent different depression and other mental health disorders.
  4. Prevents skin from becoming inflamed and forming wrinkles by working with Vitamin A and E and producing cells that help keep the skin healthy.

If you are experiencing tiredness, joint ache and pain, sleeplessness and depression, it could be due to Vitamin D deficiency.

Aside from getting it from sunlight, foods such as fish oil, eggs, milk, and other fruits are rich in Vitamin D. You can also take Vitamin D supplements after consulting your physician.