The ideal contraceptive method needs to prevent pregnancy while accommodating the needs of the woman using it to ensure the effective and satisfactory use.

There are three desirable effects to a contraceptive method: effective birth control, useful in emergency settings, and preventive of STIs. There is no one single method that can fulfill all these criteria and it is wise to use a combination of methods which suit your needs.

While choosing our perfect combination of contraceptives, two categories should be considered.

Personal factors

  • Do you want to have children someday? How soon? If you do want to have more children in the future, choose temporary contraceptive methods.
  • Do you have any health conditions? If you have excessive bleeding during menstruation, multiple sexual partners, any uterine tumors or other lesions, as well as smoking history or other health conditions, please speak with a health professional to choose a method suitable for your condition.

Contraceptive factors

Here are some of the major factors to consider when choosing a suitable method;

  1. How effective is the method? Close to zero (0) failure rate or 100% success rate?
  2. Can I get pregnant immediately after stopping it? Rapid return of fertility?
  3. Does this method protect against sexually transmitted diseases?
  4. Are there side effects or potential complications? No, or minor side effect?