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YeneHealth Announces New Board of Advisors to Support and Drive their Startup Growth Strategy

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. August 21, 2023 – YeneHealth, a leading femtech startup in Ethiopia is thrilled to introduce its newly appointed Board of Advisors, a diverse and accomplished group of industry leaders set to steer the company’s mission of transforming women’s healthcare in Africa through digital innovation and women-centered services.

Comprising renowned professionals from various sectors of the healthcare and global startup ecosystem, the advisory board brings together a wealth of experience, insight, and knowledge to guide YeneHealth’s strategic decisions, product development, and user growth efforts. The board’s collective expertise spans digital health, medical practice, research and health data management, health literacy, pharmaceutical supply-chain, and financial expertise. The focus on these areas are a reflection of YeneHealth’s commitment to fostering a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare advancement. “As an Advisor, I look forward to supporting the YeneHealth team with developing a healthcare professional training program curriculum for training trainers and healthcare workers for their telehealth marketplace, as well as advising on the organizational strategy for data collection and analysis, ” said Dr. Rebekah Rollsten, one of the members of the board.

The introduction of the Board of Advisors underscores YeneHealth’s dedication to creating cutting-edge solutions that enhance patient care, improve healthcare systems, and drive positive outcomes. This collaboration exemplifies YeneHealth’s ongoing pursuit of excellence and innovation, as it continues to shape the future of healthcare in Ethiopia and on the African continent. Eva Gubern, also a new member of the board remarked, “Having worked in healthcare in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America for the past 20 years I wish to bring my learnings of how to bring health products safely to empower African women.” 

“Their combined wisdom, global influence, and diverse perspectives align seamlessly with our strategic vision to establish a globally resilient brand. Undoubtedly, they will play a pivotal role in supporting us to elevate healthcare standards in Africa. Our team is excited to have them on board, supporting YeneHealth’s trajectory towards a sustainable care model that’s set to revolutionize healthcare services for women,” Kidist Tesfaye, CEO of YeneHealth.

Ivan Comerma, another member of the board stated, “I am eager to leverage my strategic vision honed through my extensive experience as an Investment Banker, in order to foster both organic and inorganic growth for YeneHealth, all within a financially sustainable framework. Having successfully orchestrated such growth strategies across multiple start-ups, I am determined to channel this expertise into YeneHealth’s journey. My aspiration is for YeneHealth to become the epitome of an African enterprise that garners investment interest from the finest investors, further solidifying its prominence in the industry.”

YeneHealth looks forward to the valuable contributions of its Board of Advisors as the company navigates new frontiers in healthcare technology and strives to make a meaningful impact on the African healthcare landscape.


Dr. Maraki Merid (PhD): A Well-Versed Healthcare Strategist, Advocate of Digital Health, and Expert in Private Sector Engagement and Growth.

Dr. Maraki Merid is a seasoned professional celebrated for her expertise in healthcare strategic planning, management, and scaling. With an impressive career spanning over 17 years, she has excelled as a management consultant and entrepreneur, leaving an enduring impact on the global healthcare landscape. Dr. Merid’s influence reverberates across several impactful organizations as she has adeptly collaborated with governments, private clients, foundations, and non-governmental organizations across Canada, the Middle East, and Africa.

As a Canadian national of Ethiopian origin, Dr. Merid brings a distinctive blend of cultural insight and linguistic fluency to her work. Proficient in French, English, and Amharic, she bridges diverse audiences, nurturing meaningful connections and fostering cross-cultural collaborations.

Educational excellence underpins Dr. Maraki’s journey. Holding a Ph.D. in healthcare management, her commitment to advancing the field is unwavering. This dedication is mirrored in her academic achievements, including a Master of Science in Epidemiology from the University of Toronto, highlighting her dedication to rigorous research and evidence-driven decision-making. 

In her role as Founding Partner and General Manager at CHS Advisory, a boutique consultancy and advisory firm in the Middle East and Africa, she drives transformative strategies focused on elevating the healthcare landscape across the African continent. Her expertise spans pharmaceuticals, healthcare providers, digital health, and education, catalyzing positive shifts in these pivotal sectors through meaningful public private partnership models.

Dr. Maraki Merid’s extensive experience, remarkable achievements, and comprehensive skill set continue to shape the trajectory of global healthcare management. Her multicultural background, multilingual proficiency, and fervor for driving positive change position her as an exceptional trailblazer in healthcare strategy and leadership.

For further insights into Dr. Maraki Merid’s  journey and accomplishments, visit her LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn Profile

Ivan Comerma: A Seasoned Investment Banker and Advisor with Startup Growth Expertise and  Influential Networks Across the Globe.

Ivan Comerma is a trailblazing Investment Banker renowned for his strategic acumen and transformative impact on business growth with nearly 30 years of experience. With a distinguished career spanning diverse ventures, he excels in propelling both organic and inorganic expansion strategies for companies across the globe. Ivan’s exceptional leadership is exemplified by his instrumental role as Co-Founder and Partner at Systema Capital, a premier international Family Office, based in Andorra.

Ivan specializes in venture building across the globe through navigating complex financial structures and supporting impact-driven startups to grow. Drawing from his tenure as a key executive board member, as well as his roles as Head of Investment Banking and Head of Treasury & Capital Markets at BIBM (Banca Mora), he possesses a profound understanding of financial and investment intricacies and processes.

Leveraging his unique experiences and networks within the financial industry, Ivan has been a driving force in multiple professional domains and projects. His affiliation with the prestigious Young Presidents Organization (YPO) community as a Member underscores his commitment to fostering collaborative growth among global chief executives. Outside of his business and work, Ivan is dedicated to education and knowledge sharing and has served as a Guest Lecturer at Georgetown University and was an Associate Professor at UPF Barcelona School of Management. Moreover, his engagement as an Entrepreneur in Residence and as a Lead Mentor at Harvard Alumni Entrepreneurs highlights his passion for nurturing entrepreneurship and supporting fellow alumni on their business journeys.

With a career portfolio encompassing influential roles at DollarBull, Sellside Group, GLG, AMURA CAPITAL SL, MoraBanc, and more, Ivan Comerma’s journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to driving sustainable growth. Lastly, his contributions to organizations such as the African Business Chamber, Love Actually Charity CHY, Virtual Advisory Board (VAB), and others, illustrates his dedication to philanthropy and community engagement.

For further insights into Ivan Comerma’s journey and accomplishments, visit his LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn Profile

Eva Gubern: An Esteemed Pioneer in the African Pharmaceutical Industry Renowned for Leading Big Pharma Companies to Triumph Across the World.

Eva Gubern boasts over two decades of profound healthcare experience spanning across Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Holding an MBA from IESE Business School, she has seamlessly navigated diverse roles while living in Africa, demonstrating her commitment to championing healthcare accessibility for African women. Eva has excelled in senior leadership positions at major companies, contributing significantly to the advancement of healthcare initiatives.

With an extensive background that includes roles as Africa Commercial Lead at Moderna, VP & General Manager at Johnson & Johnson- Mexico, and Pharma Country Manager for French East-Africa at GSK, Eva brings a wealth of expertise to her occupation. Her tenure as an Elected Board Member for esteemed associations like the Asociación Mexicana de Industrias de Investigación Farmacéutica (AMIIF) and the International Research-Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (IRPMA) underscores her dedication to shaping the future of healthcare and drug-discovery.

Eva’s commitment extends beyond professional accomplishments; she is passionate about empowering women through equitable healthcare access in LMICs. Eva’s international perspective, track record of driving growth, and fostering collaboration uniquely position her to drive transformative change within the African healthcare landscape.

For further insights into Eva Gubern’s journey and accomplishments, visit her LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn Profile

Dr. Rebekah L. Rollston (MD, MPH): Distinguished Family Medicine Physician, Health Equity Advocate, and Educator with Expertise is Health Data Management


Dr. Rebekah L. Rollston is a devoted Family Medicine Physician at Cambridge Health Alliance, an esteemed Instructor in Medicine at Harvard Medical School, and a valued faculty member at the Massachusetts General Hospital Rural Medicine Program. Her diverse professional interests span critical healthcare domains, encompassing social determinants of health, health equity, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, addiction medicine, rural health, homelessness, supportive housing, immigrant health, and health data management. She has demonstrated her expertise through impactful contributions to esteemed publications like The Lancet, BMJ Innovations, and the American Journal of Health Promotion, among others.

As a staunch advocate for health equity, education, and prevention, Dr. Rollston actively contributes to the American Public Health Association Medical Care Blog and authors pieces for The Conversation, Our Bodies Ourselves, SIECUS: Sex Ed For Social Change, and the Healthy Teen Network. She’s served as a sexual and reproductive health expert for stories on National Public Radio and Mashable. Through her research, she’s crafted interactive story maps that serve as potent visual tools for advocacy, illuminating the profound impact of comprehensive sexual education on health outcomes. Her dedication to education extends beyond academia, as she imparts wisdom to Harvard Medical School students in courses such as Essentials of the Profession I & II—Social Medicine. Furthermore, her influence reaches far beyond the classroom, nurturing the growth and development of medical professionals globally.

With a profound knowledge of health data management and structuring for informed decision-making, Dr. Rebekah Rollston has driven transformative change through policy, research, advocacy, and community engagement, all while striving for equitable healthcare solutions. Her comprehensive expertise, commitment to women’s health, and nurturing of healthcare professionals’ development position Dr. Rebekah as an exemplary medical professional propelling the healthcare industry forward.

For further insights into Dr. Rebekah L. Rollston’s journey and accomplishments, visit her LinkedIn profile: LinkedIn Profile