Most of us think menopause is only something that happens to older women, which is only partially true. Even though the right age of menopause is around 50, it can happen below the age of 40, which definitely may crush the plans of any fertile couple. This type of menopause is called premature menopause. Some of the reasons why it is caused include a high BMI, ovarian failure, severe health conditions such as cardiac disease, neurological disorders and autoimmune diseases. Other causes such as previous radiotherapy and other drugs may also affect the functionality of the ovaries.

Occasionally, the reason why premature menopause happens may be unknown. Menopause occurs when maturation of eggs is somehow stopped. Therefore anything that damages the ovaries or causes a decline in the production of estrogen may be a reason why menopause came earlier than it should.

In order to stop premature menopause a healthy lifestyle is key. Unhealthy habits like smoking and drinking too much alcohol may affect the ovaries. However, since there are a few treatments for it, consulting a physician is also important.