African VC, Jaza Rift Ventures backs YeneHealth as Lead Investor in Pre-Seed Round

Addis Ababa, July 27, 2023  

YeneHealth (YH) is thrilled to announce that Jaza Rift Ventures (JRV), the health-tech focused venture capital firm has joined the company as the lead investor in their pre-seed round. This investment is a significant milestone for both YeneHealth and Jaza Rift Ventures, as it is the first Ethiopian startup to join their investment portfolio. 

YeneHealth’s web and mobile application is designed to provide African women of reproductive age with confidential and comprehensive access to sexual and reproductive healthcare services. The platform offers a range of features, including health information, telehealth services with verified providers, an e-pharmacy service with discreet delivery, and personalized tools such as period tracking and medication monitoring. YeneHealth’s culturally-responsive and multilingual solution specifically addresses the unmet needs around family planning and maternal health in Sub-Saharan Africa but supports women in maintaining their overall health and wellness. 

Kidist Tesfaye, CEO of YeneHealth, expressed enthusiasm about Jaza Rift Ventures leading the pre-seed round and their support during the early stages of the startups’ journey. “This represents a momentous milestone for our company. The endorsement of a credible African health-tech investor serves as validation for our innovative solution, our business strategy and the immense potential to scale our impact across the continent. With this strategic investment, we are poised to embark on an exciting next phase of growth and further solidifying our position in the industry. The expertise, experience, and network that Jaza Rift Ventures brings to the table will serve as a powerful catalyst in our journey to amplify our reach and commitment to supporting millions of African women to receive the care that they deserve.”

Jaza Rift Ventures is known for their commitment to creating value that improves healthcare in Africa and around the world. Their focus on supporting scalable solutions across the continent, along with their advocacy for healthtech, medtech, and biotech innovations in Africa, serves as a model for the global healthcare industry. The alignment between JRV’s dedication to enhancing the quality and affordability of healthcare and YeneHealth’s vision is highly aligned.

Sewu Steve Tawia, Partner at Jaza Rift Ventures commented, “our investment in outstanding Founders such as YeneHealth’ Kidist illustrates our thesis to bring healthcare to people, rather than the old model of people to healthcare. YeneHealth responds to the huge unmet healthcare need for women and the potential for alpha returns alongside long term positive healthcare outcomes and impact. Our patient capital and non-financial support in partnership with Villgro Africa will enable the team to accelerate their path to product market fit for an already rich mix of products and services focused on women.”

The investment from Jaza Rift Ventures will accelerate YeneHealth’s role as a frontrunner in the femtech space on the continent. The funds will be utilized to expand the platform’s reach, enhance product development, and establish strategic partnerships, ultimately enabling YeneHealth to build on the foundation needed to serve the more than 280 million women of reproductive age across Africa. Both YeneHealth and Jaza Rift Ventures are excited about the prospects of this partnership and the positive impact they will create together in improving healthcare access, quality, and patient outcomes for African women.

About YeneHealth:

YeneHealth is the first femtech startup in Ethiopia, focused on unlocking the digital door of healthcare services for African women of reproductive age. Their culturally-responsive and multilingual digital platform provides confidential access to a range of health services and personalized features, empowering women to take control of their health and well-being.



About Jaza Rift Ventures:

Jaza Rift Ventures is a venture capital firm dedicated to supporting scalable healthcare solutions across Africa and the world. They invest in high-performing entrepreneurs who are developing innovative healthcare software and hardware, biotechnologies, and medical devices, with the aim of meeting healthcare needs globally.