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The first Annual Women’s Health week 2023 “Walk for Her Health” event to be held in Ethiopia on Mother’s Day.

In observance of Women’s Health Week 2023, a group of healthcare and women-focused organizations have teamed up to announce the first Annual, “Walk for Her Health” health event, taking place on May 14, 2023 (8:30am-1:30pm) at Kuriftu’s Entoto Park in Addis Ababa. Women’s Health Week is an international week with the goal of increasing awareness of the hurdles women face in their day-to-day lives and creating a platform where women can access resources to boost their economic capacity through wellness. 

YeneHealth, in partnership with Boston Day Spa, Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association, and St. Paul’s Hospital Millenium Medical College, is organizing this event with a mission to bring women and their families together and encourage them to make healthier life choices and improve their productivity in the workforce. 

The “Walk for Her Health” event aims to promote women’s livelihood by bringing healthcare education, activities, and engagement with health professional and career mentors to support women’s needs. The event is open to people of all genders, ages, and abilities, and aims to encourage individuals and families to make healthier life choices.

The walk will feature various activities with booths/sessions including walking, running, fitness, yoga, massages, outdoors games, screenings, and informational booths for all participants to engage in. In addition to promoting physical health and wellness, the event will offer capacity building opportunities, screenings, and mini career readiness coaching to help young people and women improve their overall well-being. 

Local healthcare and wellness providers from the public and private sectors will be facilitators, offering expertise and guidance on additional topics such as nutrition, skin health, and mental health as well. Ultimately, this event is designed to build a stronger community that is proactive about being healthy in mind, soul, and body. 

Join us on May 14th, 2023 from 8:30am-1:30pm (2:30am-7:30pm local time) at Kuriftu’s Entoto Park for this exciting event!

About the Organizers:

YeneHealth is a femtech startup that leverages technology to improve women’s sexual and reproductive healthcare access in Ethiopia.  (

Boston Day Spa is a wellness spa that offers beauty and wellness treatments for women and men in Ethiopia.  (

Ethiopian Medical Women’s Association is a non-profit organization that works to empower women in the medical profession and advocate for women’s health.  (

St. Paul’s Hospital Millenium Medical College is a leading public medical school and tertiary hospital that provides high-quality medical education and healthcare services.  (