Have you ever wondered about your vaginal discharge? It is normal to have more or less vaginal discharge at different times. For example, you might notice more discharge if you are pregnant, if you use birth control that contains hormones, and during the 2 weeks before your period. If you have been through menopause (the time when you stop having monthly periods), you will probably notice that you have less vaginal discharge.

The color of your discharge can be an indicator of your health: White discharge is common at the beginning and end of your cycle. Normal white discharge is not accompanied by itching or foul smell. If itching is present, along with a thick curdle-like texture, white discharge may indicate a yeast infection. Other colors of discharge may indicate other infections or an imbalance in your natural vaginal flora. Discharge is also different in women who are pregnant, since there may be increased discharge or a specific change that may alert you to an underlying problem. The same is also true in menopausal women. If you are experiencing abnormal discharge, we recommend you visit your doctor to learn. To learn more about vaginal discharges, please click here.