Have you ever tried different diets to increase fertility? Not being able to get pregnant can be a heartbreaking and exasperating experience. 

12 percent of women struggle to get pregnant. But eating specific foods, from chocolate to goji berries—or anything else—will not help you conceive. No strong data at this time recommend specific dietary changes solely for the enhancement of fertility. 

However, being both overweight and obese has been linked to a decrease in fertility. Studies have shown childhood obesity has been linked to menstrual irregularities and infertility. Weight loss, aside from leading to better overall health, has been shown to lead to better chances of conceiving and fewer chances of needing fertility treatment.

If you’re trying to become pregnant, the best thing to do is go see your OB/GYN who will perform tests and determine if you need medications or hormone therapy to make it easier for you to conceive.