Have you ever been worried about the complications of abortion? While illegal abortions performed in an unsafe environment by unqualified people are dangerous, abortions done in a safe environment and performed by trained and qualified medical professionals are one of the safest medical procedures, with a risk of complications of less than 0.05%. 

In fact, over 90% of abortions are performed in the first trimester, and the highly effective medical method of taking pills for abortion now accounts for over 80% of all abortions. 

For abortions that are done in the second trimester, there are a few complications which total less than 5%, all owing to procedures like dilation and evacuation. Some of them such as the retained product of conception (which accounts for less than 1%), as well as uterine perforation and cervical laceration (less than 1% each), are avoidable when done by experienced physicians in a professional setup. Others such as bleeding and infection are avoidable using sterile and appropriate techniques. 

The link between abortion and infertility is very narrow and depends on the type of abortion. 

But one must be aware that a woman can get pregnant immediately after an abortion, almost as soon as before her next period. So the use of effective contraception must be started at the earliest possible time.


Consultation with a medical professional is advised before choosing a contraceptive method because it might depend on whether the abortion was spontaneous or medical methods were used.