Have you ever been vaccinated against STIs? There are some transmitted diseases that can be prevented using effective vaccination.

These include HPV, Hepatitis B, and rarely Hepatitis A. Being vaccinated prevents severe disease as well as reduces your predisposition for complications. It also reduces the chances that you will be a carrier that transmits them to someone else.

HPV, hepatitis A, and hepatitis B are currently the only three STDs that can be prevented by vaccines. The Hepatitis B and HPV vaccines are accessible in Ethiopia. 

There is something known as post-exposure prophylaxis, which is different from vaccines because they do not alter the body to provide long-lasting immunity. In cases like HIV, post-exposure prophylaxis medication can be provided in some cases where a person has had contact with someone who is positive for the viral infection.

Other sexually transmitted diseases, including gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis, do not yet have a preventive vaccine yet.