Did you know? Period irregularities are varied in their causes and the way they manifest. Sometimes it’s that the period takes too long to appear, and sometimes it comes too frequently or flows too heavily. Its presentation changes with the causes that are influencing it.

One of the most common reasons why periods can be irregular is stress. Any stress on the body, whether physical or mental, can upset the natural balance of other hormones. This can result in a late or early period. 

In women within the reproductive age group, it can also be due to lesions within the uterus like fibroid tumors. It can also be due to infections as well as problems with other organs such as the thyroid. We can also link it to certain medications, and to switching birth control. 

Therefore, it is advised that if your menstrual irregularities become serious it’s best to consult a physician. And also take time to decrease the stress to take care of your physical and Mental health.