Categories: Family Planning

Even if you use birth control, you should still think about STD prevention. Birth control methods like the pill, patch, ring and IUD are very effective at preventing pregnancy, but they do not protect against STDs and HIV. Condoms are the only contraceptives that can provide protection against an STD/STI.

Almost all STDs that can be spread via condomless vaginal sex can also be spread through oral and anal sex without a condom. You should also know that all STDs, even HIV, are treatable, and most are curable. The sooner you get tested, the sooner you can take action to protect your health and the health of your partner(s).

Talk to your partner about when you were last tested and suggest getting tested together. And if you have an STD, tell your partner. These conversations may seem hard to have, but open communication with your partner is essential to staying healthy and stopping the spread of STDs.

#Challenge: Consider always using condoms even if you are using long-term contraceptives to avoid the risk of contracting any STD/STI.