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Having a vasectomy affects the physiological effect of sex drive and sensation.

Myth – Vasectomies do not have a physiological effect on sex drive or sensation, some men even report increased desire due to the strain of potential pregnancy being removed.

Men can have protected sex after the surgical site heals. This typically takes one or two weeks after the procedure. Additonally, they can have unprotected sex after a semen analysis shows that there isn’t any sperm left in their semen. This is usually around 3 months after the procedure.

After the procedure, you may experience:

  • mild pain
  • soreness and bruising around your scrotum
  • blood in your semen
  • swelling in your scrotum and genital area
  • blood clots in your scrotum

These symptoms can last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

However, getting a vasectomy won’t reduce your risk of getting or spreading sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The only way to protect yourself from STIs is to wear a condom.