Categories: Family Planning

Forgetting to take your birth control pills is one of the major causes of pregnancy while using this form of contraception. We invite you to use our app reminder function to make sure you do not forget in the future and use another form of contraceptives in the meantime to avoid pregnancy.

If you missed 1 hormonal pill (by 24–48 hours) or if you are simply late taking 1 pill (for less than 24 hours), you should:

  • Take the late or missed pill as soon as possible.
  • Continue taking the remaining pills at the usual
    time (even if it means taking two pills on the
    same day).
  • No additional contraceptive protection
  •  Emergency contraception is not usually needed
    but can be considered if hormonal pills were
    missed earlier in the cycle

If you missed 2 or more consecutive hormonal
pills (more than 48 hours have passed since you
took a pill), you should:

  • Take the most recent missed pill as soon as
    possible (discarding any other missed pills)
  • Continue taking your pills on schedule (even
    if it means taking a second pill on the day you
    remembered to get back on track).
  • Use back-up contraception (e.g., condoms) or
    avoid sexual intercourse until you have taken
    the hormonal pills for 7 consecutive days.
  • If the pills you missed were in the last week of
    hormonal pills (e.g., days 15–21 for a 28-day pill